Ethan Rothschild


I am student at The University of Tampa pursuing a Film Production and Business Management degree. I have extensive experience on set as well as in post-production. Prior to this, I attended The Fine and Performing Arts Center at Howell High School where I learned the craft, collaborated with peers on various films and music videos and took the lead on editing various projects. I participated in the All American High School Film Festival Invitational and was nominated in both 2018 and 2019.

Credits & Projects

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    2022: Florida State Fair
  2. ·
    2022: FinTech Ad Spot
  3. ·
    2019: Dire State of Mind
  4. ·
    2021: Jersey Mike's x Special Olympics
  5. ·
    2021: The Laundry Machine
  6. ·
    2018: The Art of Observation