Ericka Boussarhane

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Ericka Boussarhane is a successful filmmaker and director whose creative films and documentaries have won awards at film festivals worldwide. Her work has been featured on major streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video, Tubi, Play Now Media, Reveel, Mometu, Box Brazil Play, Apple, Vimeo, BingeHorror, Paraflixx, and others.

Credits & Projects

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    2022: Beyond the Grave: Unforgotten Voices
  2. ·
    2022: The Myrtles Plantation: Murder, Mystery, and Magic
  3. ·
    2021: Cursed Cliffs
  4. ·
    2021: Dead Side Manor: Prescription for Fear
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    2021: Haunted Real Estate: The Uninvited
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    2020: The Haunting of the Malaga Inn